NCPCOG Which Denies Existence Of God The Mother In The Flesh – [WMSCOG] World Mission Society Church Of God By Christ Ahnsahnghong.

images (12)NCPCOG is a group that craftly interprets Christ Ahnsahnghongs teachings and specially, denies the truth of God the mother which is  the core truth of the World Mission Society Church Of God[WMSCOG].

[ Identity of NCPCOG ]

The bible tells us there will be the great spiritual war in these last days, which means the “Satan” represented as a “dragon” in the bible will make war against the woman and her offspring in this last age.

As prophesied in the bible;

Rev 12:17[ Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring–those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus. ]

Then, who is the woman ? Since Satan has been against God all along  from ancient times, we can see that the woman whom Satan is against, is the God the mother who appears in the last age  to lead the rest of her offspring to Heaven. Therefore NCPCOG which is against God the mother, is nothing but one of  the organizations controlled by Satan and WMSCOG is the genuine church which testifies about the truth of God the Mother.


Ex-Members of WMSCOG, Who guarantees them ?

Ex-member is just ex-member, I think that he/she can’t represent wmscog or even church members.

The testimony to their experiences in the wmscog when they were members, is more than enough to arouse my suspicion  about its reliability  since I’ve never experienced so far like what they said.

So, as one of the church members, I would say “NOT true”. For an example, about pregnancy,  all babies in Zion( wmscog ) are born in blessing from church members, differently from what they say

In addition, the World Mission Society Church Of God [wmscog] doesn’t teach any other things out of the bible, so what we do is in the bible. According to the rumors about our church in internet, Some people say that we ‘re brainwashed, but we ‘re not and we just live by only the teachings of God as written in the bible. I guess our enthusiasm for preaching can cause such misunderstanding sometimes. Besides, some slanderers make rumors like that, what they’re saying is just like saying writers of 66 books of the bible were brainwashed by God. They need to look at the bright side.

“There are still over 1.75 million” happy members” in 2,200 church branches in 150 countries all around the world.”  and I am one of them.

Thanks to Heavenly father and Heavenly mother !

Spiritually saying,there are two kinds of people on earth. Some are used in the work of salvation and go to heaven like disciple, Peter, the others are used in the work of destruction and go to hell like “Judas.”
Unfortunately there is no in between in spiritual world.

Peter and Judas, at the beginning, were  together for the gospel, but Each one chose a different way and as a result, Peter received the keys of kingdom of heaven from God, Judas received sympathy like “It would be better for him if he had not been born.”[Mk 16:19]

According to one’s own decision,  their ends were extremely different, It is the same now.

It is said that everything that was written in the past was written to teach us [Ro 15:4]

Actually, I am ex-member of many other churches,which means, I’d been to many other churches before wmscog, the reason was to find a church which follows the teachings of God “based on the bible” since the bible warns us not to followman-made teachings“[Mt 15:7].

Most of those churches i went kept Christmas, Sunday worship which are not from the bible, and put many idols in the churches- specially catholic  explaining “our faith is much more important than formality”..However,who else but God can modify or change the feast of God!

That’s the reason why I became a member of wmscog. At first i was shocked by the fact that Second coming Christ [Christ Ahnsahnghongnew name of Jesus -Rev.3:12] has come again in the flesh and the existence of God the mother, but to my surprise, I found all true through the bible.

They can have their own decision  and also there must be certain reason. However, I think we should not make lies to shift their own responsibility to other place, or to cover up their own fault.

Let’s remember what happened to the Israelites during a life of desert for forty years before arriving Canaan. Most of them who escaped from the slavery of Egypt died of distrust,complaints and sins against God in the desert at the end excepting Caleb and Joshua who firmly believe in God and obey the words of God.[Nu.21:5]

Therefore, Which one do you want to be in a life of your faith?

Let’s stand firm until last days and hold to the teachings of Jesus, New Covenant restored by Elohim God the savior of this age who the bible testifies about.