[Essay of WMSCOG] “Guided by Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother” – The World Mission Society Church Of God

Many Christians often say they preach the true gospel and the love of Jesus. However, they don’t even practice the gospel of Jesus at all , instead, they observe  false teachings, secularized  by the human’s tradition .  The World Mission Society Church of God [WMSCOG]  delivers the same teachings (New covenant) as the early church  established by Jesus. Only those who observe the teachings of New covenant  can realize the true saviors of this age  “Christ Ahnsahnghong  and Heavenly Mother.

Guided by Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother”

I am a youth working as a guide in a public institution.
When I first started the job, I really wanted to quit it right away because of tough and tiring work.  However, as I assisted the people who needed my help, I could feel rewarded and even realize their warm heart that I have never felt before.
follow_the_light_by_eiriklovoll-d4az4t7 An old man who keeps saying, thank you for helping me, even though you must have been so busy.”  An old woman who slipped some snacks and coffee into my hand and students greeting with bright smile….
From time to time, something bad happens but only with the word of encouragement and consolation, my hurt feeling melts away. Only thing I did was to guide people to go to the right direction that they want to go, but from the elderly to students and kids greet each other with a nod.
All of a sudden, the lost brother and sisters occurred to me.  Still now, they should be wandering in the dark world, not knowing how to get to the kingdom of heaven.  We are very thankful when someone shows me the way in the building.  Then, what about Heavenly Mother who always guides us to the eternal heaven and even accompanying us so we do not get lost nor wander any more.  How much should we be thankful for Heavenly Mother?
As we are all God’s called ones who are now on the way to heaven, we’d better guide our lost brothers and sisters who are wandering to the right path to heaven.  That way, we could altogether enter the kingdom of heaven without fail.
Also, we should never be out of Heavenly Mother who is surely guiding us to the kingdom of heaven.

* Let share the personal experience of The World Mission Society Church of God *



[Essay ]“Father’s Voice”- The world mission society church of God [WMSCOG]/ Christ Ahnsahnghong

2000 years ago, He came here on earth and today, He came again, a second time. Coming In a different time and place on earth and with different name, however, He is our Father who was in Heaven and came here to save us through revealing the existence of God the Mother.

He is true God Almighty, “Christ Ahnsahnghong-nim” testified in the bible. The World Mission Society Church of God is a witness of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother 

“Father’s Voice”


As usual, I threw my bag in my house and went to Angela’s house.

Angela lives next door and we were friends since five.

images (61)

Since both of my parents worked, I often stayed in her house, did homework, and played together.

Her house was really different from mine

Angela had her own bedroom, lots of books, and even had movies that we didn’t have.

These are the reasons why I went to Angela’s house on a daily basis.

Staying there, I always imagined that her house was mine.

“What do you want to play today?”

After finishing up our homework, we pondered.

We finally made a decision to play with paper dolls.

Drawing beautiful princesses, we cut it out and started to play.

While we were playing for quite a while, Angela’s mom came and said,

“Angie, dinner’s ready.”

“Mommy… I’m not hungry. Can’t we play some more?”

“No! It’s already six. It’s time for dinner.”

Hearing that, I saw the clock’s hand pointing at 6.

“Jenny, let’s play some more.”

“But I also need to go for dinner.”

“You can eat with me. Mom, let Jenny join us.”

“Yeah, Jenny. Let’s have dinner together.”

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, chocolate puddings… All of my favorite food were set on the table which made me salivate.

“Wow! Looks so good!”

“Eat up.”

Angela’s mother placed a big chunk of meatloaf on my plate.

When I just started to gulp in…

“Jenny! Jenny! Dinner’s ready!”

I thought I heard my father’s voice.

Though it was a faint voice, no other person but I could surely realize whose voice it was.

My father kept on calling me.

‘If I go home, we will only have baked beans. I’ll just finish it up quickly.’

I tried my best to avoid his voice.

It was when I almost finished my plate.

“Mrs. Wybrants?”

It was my father.

“Oh, coming!”

Angela’s mother quickly went out.

“Is Jenny here? It’s time for dinner, but she wouldn’t show up…”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have let her go early. Jenny, your dad’s here!”

Poutingly, I went…

“Dad! You didn’t have to come for me.”

“You were late for dinner. Since you didn’t answer, I came for you.”

“But I already had dinner here.”

“Really? I didn’t know. Thank you Mrs. Wybrants.”

When we got home, I saw that the food was still set on table.

“Dad, you didn’t have dinner yet?”

“How could I? You didn’t come home. I waited for you.”

As usual, there were only baked beans on the table.

“I’m stuffed.”


My father finally had his cold beans for dinner.

In my childhood, I wasn’t concern of my father who couldn’t eat because of me.

I only considered myself, having delicious food, and neglected his voice.

Why was I so immature? Thinking back in the old days, I feel so sorry.

Likewise, I think my soul is committing the same mistake.

“Come back my child!”

Didn’t I avoid Heavenly Fathers earnest voice?

Wasn’t I only chasing after my joy?

I now want to be the child who considers His voice and a child who can give Him joy.

[Essay] I Give Thanks To Heavenly Mother’s Love – The World Mission Society Church Of God [WMSCOG] / Christ Ahnsahnghong & God The Mother

The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) is the place where you can meet Heavenly Mother (God the Mother) and realize Her great love and sacrifice.

No matter what slanderers say, truth is truth. Now  people of Zion (WMSCOG) who can see God through God’s words in the bible are proclaimingHeavenly Mother“.

She is the one who said “Let there be light “ and there was light , She is one of Gods the creator who said “Let US make man in OUR image,in OUR likeness”. She is God Almighty by nature. She is truly our Mother . 

 I Give Thanks To Heavenly Mother’s Love

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On the train, there was a middle-aged man sitting on the opposite side of me.
Exhausted face, deep wrinkles, skinny figure in a shabby clothes…
He really looked fatigued.
Just by seeing him made me think, “Our lives as sinners are tough, but is it really tough like that?”
He had his reasons.
The people’s eyes were fixed to the man’s son.
His age supposed to be young with spirit.
But being mentally challenged, the son was into his own world, and his father was holding his hand.
Suddenly, my eyes welled up.
Though the father looked so exhausted, his face brightened up whenever he saw his son.
Smiling as if he had gained the whole entire world, I could sense his love and sacrifice.
I felt Heavenly Mother’s love who came from heaven to this earth, to save me, who was about to die with spiritual incurable illness.
All those years that she has spent, day and night, praying with tears without rest to save me.
Enduring all mocks and scorns she would just embrace my illness in a time of pain.
However, this immature sinner’s eyes were covered with sins, and I couldn’t realize Mother’s sacrifice or know Her love.
Oh my Mother!
Though She is spending all those years with pain, She would always show bright smiles in front of Her children.
Mother’s great and holy love and sacrifice blossoms my heart with repentance.
My holy Heavenly Mother, I truly bow down to You and give You thanks and eternal glory.
And I pray to You…
If this child lets go of your hand, please hold my hand back with compassion.

*The World Mission Society Church of God proposed me the reason of life *

[Essay] Unrequited Love – The World Mission Society Church Of God [WMSCOG]

The World Misson Society Church Of God (WMSCOG) is spreading the Love of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother (God the Mother) who have already come to this earth in the flesh to save us. 

Unrequited Love 

By haru


The saddest love
While being eyeable, the desire remains
Being awake or asleep, longing never stops
Love that is stifled with yearning

Love that is unalterable
Love that is inextricable
Love that is unstoppable though disregarded
Love that is steadfast over time
Love that is never hideous without being comprehended

Love that laughs and cries for a sinner
Love that trusts, though the promise is broken
Love that moves to tears for an apology
Love that is engraved in the heart, even for a halfhearted gratitude
Love that waits, though the love for the world is greater
Mother’s unrequited love is solely for the sinner

Mother’s love becomes the spring sunlight, and warmly covers my heart
Mother’s love becomes the rain drops on a cool summer day, and moistens my thirsty soul
Mother’s love becomes the sweet fruit on an autumn day, and At last, because of Mother’s everlasting lovefills my hungry soul

Mother’s love becomes the warm blanket on a winter day, and melts my icy soul.  This sinner returns to Mother’s arms

I repent
I thank
And I love you.

[Essay] Granny’s lullaby – The World Mission Society Church Of God (WMSCOG) : Christ Ahnsahnghong

Heavenly Mother of the World Mission Society Church of God [WMSCOG teaches us to live right according to the bible and be broad-minded enough to embrace the whole world like ocean, considering others better than ourselves. The members are willing to follow the path of her sacrifice until we become spotless, blameless, true God’s children. 

Granny’s lullaby

When I was on vacation, I visited my maternal grandma’s house. My mother is one of eight children. That’s why there are so many of us when we all gather together. This all happened at dawn, when we couldn’t get into sleep because of tropical night phenomenon. 

I guess it was too hot, because my cousin’s child cried so loud that the house resounded.
  images (29)My grandma who was sleeping next to me said,  “Evie! I think she is hot. Why don’t you keep this fan next to her?”

Hearing her advisement, I started to worry and thought, ‘What if she really takes the fan?

Do I need to sweat all night in this tropical night phenomenon?’
“Oh, she’s fine.”
Listening to her reply, it gave me a sigh of relief.
Suddenly, my grandma went to their room and took her child from her.
The child seemed to be comfortable in grandma’s arms because she stopped crying.

Then, I started to realize.  The love that I felt from my grandma was similar from the love of our Heavenly MotherI also realized I was really lacking and arrogant. 
Though the child was crying, just because of my small self-centeredness, I didn’t give up the fan for the child.  It really made me feel embarrassed.
From now on, I want to get rid of my selfishness; only considering my ease, and want to become a child who shares the love that I have received from our Heavenly Mother.

The World Mission Society Church of God [WMSCOG]  is spreading the love of Heavenly Mother who came to accomplish our salvation by giving us eternal life in this last age.

The World Mission Society Church of God [WMSCOG] has a mission to proclaim Heavenly Mother‘s coming  to this earth to the whole world.

World Mission Society Church of God recovered my happiness

God The Mother Is The Best Medicine – World Mission Society Church Of God [WMSCOG] By Christ Ahnsahnghong

images31 I am a happy member of the World Mission Society Church Of God (WMSCOG) Here, in Zion, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly mother teach us all the secrets about our souls through the bible and always  help us be healthy enough physically and spiritually to get back to heavenly home safely under their great love and sacrifice .

 All thanks, praise and glory be to  Heavenly father and Heavenly mother, you give me the strength to overcome all the trials and hardships in life. You are the very reason I can live healthy every day with a smile.   

                                                    Fragrance of Zion

 – God the Mother Is The Best Medicine –


 A few days ago, son lied to me and was sharply scolded when the truth got out.  He started to lie at the age 12 because he got scared of his mom and dad since then.  At his confess, my heart ached so much and I tried to hug and love him a lot, hoping to fix his bad habits.

One day, he wanted to sleep with me and dad because he felt scary being alone in his room.  Then, my husband bellowed at me, blaming that I am raising him just like a baby.

“It’s going to be emotionally tough and scared at his age.  We’d better cover his mistakes and keep him warm to ride out this situation.”

Finally, he agreed with me and since then, our couple has tried to have a conversation with him as much as possible before the bed time.  As the day got colder, the room became warmer than the living room so we decided to sleep in the living room.

All of us could have a nice talk together every day, lying side by side on the floor.  Listening to the new song, I embraced his face and asked him lying next to me.

From now on, let us stop bad behaviors like lie and continue to please Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother by loving all the more with mom and dad.”

This boy grown up so quickly enough to wear the same size of his dad answered, “Ok” and then threw himself into my arms.  Being with him, God the Mother suddenly came into my mind.

Now I think I know why She came down to this earth and is grabbing each hand of every child to give Her unconditional love, without rejecting all pains and sorrows.

The best medicine to cure all disease of our sins should be very “You”

” God the Mother.

Shadow And Reality Of A Mother – Essay; Forgetting at an instant By wmscog

Christ Ahnsahnghong (founder of WMSCOG) taught us the secret of our salvation hidden  for agesHeavenly mother(Mother of our spirits) through the prophecies of the bible.

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god the mother01

If Heavenly mother really exists and  is giving eternal life to people on earth, we all should study about her, shouldn’t we ? 

Mothers on this earth are like the most precious presents giving us physical lives and infinite love, sent from Heavenly mother.

Without the existence of earthly mothers, we can not even guess what a mother is like and her maternal love, and above all, our lives may be given from fathers not mothers.

In this case, how can people ,who don’t know the concept of mother, understand the existence of Heavenly mother ? And How can we truly accept her as their life-giver when she appears to give eternal life to us who may think “what is a mother” ? 

That’s the reason why God the creator made earthly mothers who give their children lives and devotional love. A earthly mother is a copy and shadow of  Heavenly mother

People first learn love from their mothers since they are  small babies and realize gradually the true meaning of  love,while living in this world.

Likewise, through earthly mothers, people come to realize   sacrificial and devotional maternal love of Heavenly mother.

There is no one who doesn’t have a mother on this earth, so people don’t have to ask one another whether or not they have mothers. It is because it’s too natural and obvious to ask.

 This is the will of God the creator. The existence of Heavenly mother is also too obvious to deny. [ Rev 22:17, 21:9, Gal 4:26]

Gal :4:26 [But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is “our mother”.]

fragrance of Zion 

– Forgetting at an instant-

For a long time, my mom all alone raised us; four daughters. Looking back at those years, I don’t know how she managed to raise us up all by herself.

I cannot even conceive the idea of raising four children all by myself, but I guess it was all possible for her because she was my mom.  


Few years ago, my mom had a big surgery. Though she had to rest, because of the wretched circumstances, she just had to work strenuously.

Though we all grew up and became adults, since we were busy, we didn’t know or forgot how strenuous it was for her.

When mom comes home from work, she starts doing the housework right away.  After ten, she comes to my room and talks about her daily routine.

She isn’t a talk-active person, but these days she frequently stops by and talks to me a lot. I really wanted to be nice to her, but I was exhausted. So I tend to listen to her vacantly. Seeing how I reacted, she would quickly end her conversation and leave my room.

When this happens, I feel sorry for her. I always make a resolution that I wouldn’t repeat this mistake again, but it happens to me all the time.

One day, seeing her leaving my room, her shoulders seemed so small.When I and my sisters were young, she didn’t have a moment to talk with us.

That is why we always went to her to talk with her.Whenever we did, she never showed how tired she was.

She always listened to all what we have said, but I didn’t.  Few days ago, my mom said that she had pain in her arms and legs.

 I just told her to “go to the hospital,” and when she repeatedly said that every day, I started to ignore.  When I started to think lying down my bed, it reminded me that my mom had a surgery for cancer. 

I felt ashamed that I just told her to go to the hospital.I forgot that she wasn’t a healthy person at all.  During break time in my working place, I started to search for good medicine and food for my mom.

Thinking that I simply just needed to turn on the computer and type some words, I felt so sorry.  The reason how I could grow up without any trouble was because of my mom’s sacrifice.  And I…

I always forgot about her when I turned my back, went to work, and while I was having a hard time. At this moment, Heavenly Mother is also next to me, praying for me continuously every day, every second. But I always forgot.

Just because of the world that I am living in, because I was busy, because I was exhausted…I just forgot about Her.

About Heavenly Mother who came down to this earth, who is sacrificing for me. I truly want to be a filial daughter for my mom and to my Heavenly Mother.

I want to be a filial daughter who gives joy, happiness, and smiles.