World Mission Society

Church of God 


founded by Christ Ahnsahnghong the second coming Christ , now has become well known as a church which is proclaiming not only God the father but also  God the mother. Specially, people of the world give attention to the truth of “God the mother“. Even though many people may have doubt about this truth. However,God the mother exists.Therefore, the World Mission Society Church of God [WMSCOGhas the mission to testify about God the mother who has come in the flesh for our salvation to the whole world. This is not just matter of  religious faith but matter of life and death. However the choice is yours.  


The Mystery Of Mysteries

The bible says that the “Christ” is the great mystery hidden for ages

“God the Mother”


Col.1:26-27 [the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the saints.To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you,the hope of glory]Col. 2:2-3 [My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ]


Existence of God the mother through

all living things

 smiling-light-bulb-md22We believe in ‘God the mother’ as well as God the Father. This is the biggest difference from other churches. And we also believe that God surely comes in the flesh. ‘God the mother’ of our church is God who has come in the flesh.We can easily understand it through all living things. When we look at all things God created, we can see that birds flying in the sky, fish swimming in the sea and zebras running in the grassy plain have their fathers and mothers. And they receive life from their mothers. Through such common principle of creation, God lets us know that there exist both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, and that we receive eternal life from Heavenly Mother. And we can also easily understand it through the title ‘father.’ A man who has no child cannot be called father no matter how old he may be. If a father exists, which means that he has a child, and if a child exists, which means that there exists a mother who gave birth to the child. The reason we call God ‘Father’ is the same. The fact that God is our Father implies that we are God’s children, and that we have God the mother who gives us eternal life.

See the Prophecy 

smiling-light-bulb-md22Many people question that the protestant churches also have a long history of reading the bible and practicing their faith. Despite that, why do they not acknowledge the existence of “God the Mother”?

According to the prophecies of the Bible, the existence of God the mother is to be revealed in the last age of redemption. Teachings of the Bible have their due times. Before the due time comes, the existence of God the mother was a mystery kept hidden in the Bible. Since other churches are under the control of their own traditions and customs, they cannot understand the mystery of the Bible. At the time of Jesus’ first coming, too, the Jews who held firm to their own faith in God Jehovah did not recognize Jesus who is God in the flesh, but rather rejected Him. Because of their tradition and custom that they had kept for thousands of years, they could not recognize God. As a result, they crucified Jesus Christ. It was because they had no knowledge about the prophecies testified in the Bible and about God. Today, too, the existing churches are bound with the fetters of tradition and the stereotype that there is only God the Father, so they do not accept the Biblical teaching that God the mother exists. However, Plz remember that Heavenly mother is the only way  to be given  eternal life from God and it’s God’ will. 

May God bless U

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  1. Felix Wambua Katue says:

    Q;do believe that JESUS CHRIST was crucified taken to the tomb and after three days was risen from the death?

    • Dear,Wambua Katue.
      I do believe the fact that the bible testifies, but it also testifies Jehovah, Jesus, Christ Ahnsahnghong(new name of Jesus Rev.3:12) are one,as the father and there is God the mother the hidden secret of the bible since creation of the world[ Mt 13:35]

      Therefore I do believe in the second coming Christ and God the mother the source of the eternal life bcuz the last prophecy is about the spirit and the bride [Rev.22:17] and they have already come to this earth in order to complete the salvation for us.

      The bride is not the saints or churches, bcuz the saints or churches can’t give us eternal life, they are just deliverers! and also this testimony,”the spirit and the bride say come!” is for the churches[ [Rev.22:16, and other verses over all in Rev.].

      For the long story short, The bride is the wife of the lamb (second coming Christ)[ Rev.21:9]and she is our mother, [Gal 4:26],namely God the mother who appear at these last days.

      She is also testified in genesis thru that God is not only one.

      God explained that there are two different kind of image of God thru the creation of human beings.
      “Let US[pl. form] make man, in OUR image, in OUR likeness,so God created man in his “OWN IMAGE”, and in the image of God, God created “male” and “female.”
      which means Our image is God’s image. God has two different image that’s why 2 different results came out, it’s us, Human being are copies of God that’s what God said.

      We can see God’s invisible quality thru all creation[ Rom. 1:20 ]. On earth, there exist only 2 different qualities, male and female, regardless of species, such as not to mention about human beings , small insects, fishes, animals, even plants.

      Furthermore,for producing their offspring, they need mothers bcuz “Life” can be given thru mothers at the end. That’s the Will of God.

      Plz come to church of God at the nearest of ur place to “Check”, whether it is true or not. If u don’t try to better know about it, u will never know. What if there is really our spiritual mother?
      If so, we must know her, bcuz God already let us know the truth that our eternal life also will be given thru God the mother thru all creation.
      Plz do not miss the chance and What is so bad to try it ? cost nothing and just need some time, that’s it.
      Our salvation is really at hand. May God bless u.

  2. eternal glory and praise be to elohim God.
    mother is the only way to salvation.
    there is no greater news then god the mother she is almight.

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